Through the years, Baker Consulting has built a solid reputation of integrity,
safety, and professionalism. The company has diversified into all aspects of
upstream, midstream, and downstream operations throughout western North
Dakota and eastern Montana. Baker Consulting is continually evolving to
responsibly meet the needs of the industry, and has a team of dedicated
professionals ready to answer the call.
Baker Consulting is a Native American-owned company, and is licensed by
the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) on the Ft. Berthold Indian
Reservation as a Tier-1 company.  
  Jason Baker, PE    
  Jason Baker is a Civil Engineer who has over 15 years of professional
experience in research and project management, and is a Registered
Professional Engineer in the State of North Dakota. His background as a Civil Engineer and owner of Baker Consulting has provided several opportunities
for unique and challenging projects. He has worked with tribal, federal, state,
and local agencies in the areas of transportation engineering, intelligent
transportation systems, transportation planning, surveying, site development/
design, and oil & gas operations. 
  Paige Baker, PhD    
  Dr. Paige Baker has over 40 years of experience in the private, public, and
tribal sectors as a manager and administrator. During that tenure, Dr. Baker
acquired over 7 years of experience dealing with planning, management, and
development in the energy sector.  Dr. Baker is a past Superintendent of two
National Parks, a past Superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Ft.
Berthold Indian Reservation, and has been a Program Director of several
university and private programs throughout the country. He is also a past
member of the Board of Directors for the North Dakota Humanities Council.
  M. Ryan Buday      
  General Manager      
  Ryan Buday has over 15 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Starting
in the gas fields of Western Wyoming, his experience ranges widely through
Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, and Civil operations. Operating in these
different facets of the industry have taken him across the nation, primarily
focusing on the Rocky Mountain Region plays and the Bakken. Ryan has
worked in upper management with Fortune 200 companies and brings
experience managing large labor forces and high profile, large investment
projects. Through training in LEAN principles, the primary focus of his
operations are in efficiencies, productivity, and operational excellence.
Additionally, he has worked with multiple local, state, federal, and industrial
regulatory groups to successfully complete projects throughout his career,
including the BLM, Fish and Game, TERO, EPA, DOT, and the NDIC.
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